Sports and Nationalism

  • James
  • November 9, 2015
  • If you go through the history of any civilization you will find that man had been keen to settle down and form their own groups which they called their tribes which later came to be called kingdoms. Much later the bond between the people of that particular tribe or settlement grew stronger and the sense of a nation blossomed in them. Thus grew the national sentiment of people which is regarded one of the most authentic and pure sentiment of any man.

    With the rise of nation and national sentiments there came objects that acted as catalyst to make the bond more firm and strong. A sport is without doubt one of such catalyst. Sports acts as the gum that glues a country together. It is without any question, is a great source of nationalism mainly in the young citizens of a country.

    Be it a world cup match or a sporting event among countries in which your country is participating, you would without arguing will support you team. You will cheer for them. It makes us happy when they win and extremely saddens us when they begin to lose a match.

    Every country has its own team of every sport, almost. Every nation feels it a moment of great pride when any of their sporting team representing that country wins any match. It adds to the glory of the nation. Sports have always been helping countries maintain a respectable position in the international arena.

    If you talk about cricket, they undoubtedly names of some country pop up in our minds. For example take Australia for one. Australia is country who has done great in the fields of cricket. With its internationally famous and well known cricketers it has won several prestigious national and international matches and tournaments in the various forms of the sport of cricket, including the World Cup. New Zealand, West Indies are quite famous and well respected as well. Others include South Africa and Pakistan among others. And who could forget the mother country that gave birth to cricket? England. India being comparatively new in the field of cricket has done remarkably well in the sport. It is the sport one always looks up on. It is the crazy and the fan following of the sport of cricket and the passion and the love associated with it that makes the entire country groan and smile together at times.

    If we turn our attention towards other sports we would find the same excitement and passion associated with them and be it football jersey or even nice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi, we are ready to take it off and wave it high up in the sky once our nation and our team win the match. This is the passion that a sport generates within their countrymen.

    The packed audiences of the stadiums, be it indoors or outdoors, is the testament of the one true fact that the sport is in the blood of the countrymen and they find it as a medium to express their love for the country.