Red Meat And Healthy Diet – Can They Be Reconciled

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  • November 29, 2015
  • Eating a nice and juicy steak can be the highlight of any day, but since there has been a significant increase in the number of people who die of high blood pressure and heart attacks, one starts to wonder if red meat should be avoided altogether. It is a fact that whenever you think about a healthy diet, the first things that come to mind are not hamburgers, but steamed vegetables and fish. But is it possible to reconcile a healthy lifestyle with the occasional slice of fried red meat?

    Red Meat And Healthy Diet - Can They Be Reconciled

    The answer is both yes and no. No if you’re going to eat large amounts of deep fried meat that’s dripping with gravy, but yes if you’re going to prepare it so it doesn’t result in a high cholesterol. This is why we’re going to give you a heads up on all the healthy, but delicious ways you can prepare red meat.

    Stew it

    Cutting your red meat into small cubes and cooking it with all sorts of vegetables is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to prepare it. Cooking itself doesn’t require adding oil, which makes the end result not as greasy as it would be if you were frying the meat. The vegetables will not only make the dish even healthier, but also more delicious. So instead of going out for a hamburger, consider making a tasty stew.

    Grill it

    Grilling your red meat doesn’t necessarily make it bad for your health. Most people make the mistake of adding to much oil in the process and not cooking the meat properly, as well as eating it with tons of gravy. When you’re using proper equipment, such as the pellet smoker reviewed on Smokey Steak Ranch, you automatically need less oil, which makes your stakes and burgers much healthier.

    Apart from making your red meat better for your health, a good grill can also make the process of barbecuing a lot less demanding. So instead of deciding that you simply can’t afford the time to grill your meat, check out the reviews of electric smokers that will do all the work for you.

    Braise it

    Braising is the process of cooking your meat until it can be cut with a butter knife. Much like stewing, it’s also done with plenty of vegetables. To braise a piece of red meat, the only thing you need to do is put it in a pot along with vegetables you’ve cut into small pieces, cover them with water, bring to a boil and let them simmer for a couple of hours. The end result will be so tender that you won’t even have to use your knife.

    Grind it

    Minced meat is not considered to be very healthy, but we believe that’s true only if you buy it. Grinding your own meat, on the other hand, puts you in control of the process, which is especially important when it comes to adding spices. If you make sure to use only the best pieces of meat and to add a healthy amount of spices, you will have a healthy ingredient for your next meal. Happy grilling!

    Work hard to score more

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  • November 28, 2015
  • Work hard to score more

    Success is train all is rushing to catch. It is the one ride all want to in. but the one rule in the game is that there are no short cuts here. There are ways by which one could reach the finishing line earlier and may win the battle, but to be victorious in the race there is only one mantra hard work. There are no nice little dummy you could rely on. Hard work and dedication is the only thing that could make you the ultimate victor in the greater game.

    Any sports be it may the sole purpose of it is to play it fair and square. Since the inception of the time there had been many competitions that man had to participate in, in spite of the liking of the species. Be it the evolution of the human race of the adaption that it had to undergo, there had been no choice in the game than the sheer will and dedication of the human beings. It was their pure spirit of fighting that had kept them going rather than being extinct and later being found in museums.

    If you want to excel in any field what so it may be then you have to put all your heart and soul into it. Or else the road to success is not the one you would be knocking at the end of the day. You have to be first and foremost being aware of the perks and lows of the field you are going to venture into. Then and then only one should indulge oneself in the endeavor. Or else you can be nothing more than a dummy in that field on which all others can laugh at. Even the dummies make a great use of them and come to help us in our many a work. You can find there uses and review them by clicking here. But if you be an unwanted piece in your field then you certainly be dumped and become nothing but a laughing stock.

    What else? Well, if one needs to really count his or her presence among others they must have a sheer presence of mind and use their common sense of judgment to climb the ladder towards the ultimate award of being the best. People who had been or are at the top did not get there at the blink of an eye and those who did could not maintain than position for long. If you shown your hard work and dedication not only you would achieve the high ranks but also you would gain something more than that – the love and respect of the people.

    People always admire those who have risen from the ashes and reached the sky. The tale of toil and labor of the successful keeps us hooked to their biographies and makes us compelled to make those great men and women the idols of our lives.

    Be it some sport of any kind or the greater game of life one lesson that is never old is that there is no substitution of hard work and dedication.

    Importance of Nutrition in A Soccer Player’s Performance

  • James
  • October 14, 2015
  • Importance of Nutrition in A Soccer Players Performance

    Having a healthy diet is essential for everyone, but athletes in particular know just how important good nutrition is in their performance. Compared to an average person, the nutritional needs of an athlete are considerably greater.

    Soccer, being a physically demanding game, requires that players are well nourished so they can have enough energy from the start of the game down to the final whistle. And even before the game, soccer players will have to endure countless hours of practice and training.

    To keep players in their perfect shape, many professional soccer teams spend a lot in sports nutrition – a specialized field of practice that studies the role of nutrition and diet in athletic performance. Sports nutritionists and dietitians carefully study the diet and meals served to players especially during games. Some athletic teams even go as far as growing their athletes’ meals. It is not unusual to find grow lights, such as the ones reviewed at this site, at training camps.

    Basically, an athlete’s diet should be one that is high in carbohydrate, moderate in protein, and low in fat. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, soy-based foods, and some dairy are good sources of carbohydrate. Soccer players can expect bigger portions carbohydrate in their diet. They are the body’s primary source of fuel that prevents muscle fatigue. Moderate amounts of protein are needed for muscle building and repair. Some sources of protein include eggs, lean meat, fish, legumes, poultry, and soy-based foods. Athletes are also advised to avoid fat to avoid its unwanted effects on health.

    Some dietitians would recommend going for organic foods. Aside from being free of unwanted chemicals, organic foods are considered healthier and more nutritious. If you are an athlete and are serious about your nutrition, you may want to grow your own organic vegetables. LED grow light reviews can help you choose the best grow light for your space.

    Good nutrition also ensures that players maintain a healthy weight. Soccer is a game of agility and endurance. Going over the ideal weight can have an impact on a player’s speed, agility and overall performance. However, this does not mean that athletes should cut on their food intake. Low-fat dairy foods, lean protein sources, and high-fiber foods can all help maintain healthy weight without depriving on essential nutrients.

    Alongside a healthy diet is proper hydration. The body needs to stay hydrated throughout every practice, training and during the game. Maintaining fluid balance is essential in transporting nutrients throughout the body and in ensuring musculoskeletal lubrication. There is also a constant risk for dehydration while engaging in a physically intense activity. Usually, water is enough for hydration but there are sports drinks that are especially intended to replace lost electrolytes.

    A healthy diet is important even long after the game. Protein is essential in repairing body tissues. With enough protein in the body, tissues are repaired instantly prepping athletes for the next game.

    So, if you’re an athlete (for whatever sport) and want your best performance in every game, be mindful of what goes into your diet.

    History of Sporting Club Saint Clar

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  • September 7, 2015
  • When we talk about French people the first thing that comes to our mind is passion. They are passionate about everything, from food to art and therefore it is but natural that they will have passion for sports. Coming to sports, which does not make any distinction between people, race or gender, the only game that comes to mind is football. This was the foundation on which Sporting Club of St. Clar was built way back in 1955 when it was affiliated to the French Football Federation and it still believes in such teachings till date.

    The first season the club participated in dates back to the 1955-56 season. The early days of the clubwere hard as people back then were reluctant to invest themselves or their time in a new club as they were not aware of the potential of the club. But as we know that love conquers all and soon the love for this club was so overwhelming that every member of the town, be it old or young, kids or adults, men or women unconditionally started to show their support for the club. They did everything in their hands to help the members and players of the club feel at home; needless to say that most of the players of theclub actually belonged to the town.

    Now when we come to the club management, we must say that the people in power deserved to be there because if it weren’t for them, SCSC would not have reached the position it has now. The football facts of the club are a testament to it. This is the reason they have become legends in their own rights who will never be forgotten and are etched in the memory of every fan of the club. This is also something that has made sure that this club is always in the hands of people who love the club. It must be said that a strong family has a strong person in the helm and the same can be said about the peoplewho have been sitting on the top of the club. This included the names of Edgar Caubet, André Rouilhes,Jean-Claude Goudy and the likes. The secretary of the club, Jean-Claude Goudy was a man who has always worked diligently for the club. If it weren’t for him and the others then this club would not have got the recognition that it gets now. Bernard and Cathy, his children followed their father’s footsteps and took up the responsibility of the club in different ways. It must be said that they kept a keen eye on the development of the club because a club is like a flower, you need to know how to take care of it delicately and let it bloom; else it will simply fade away.

    This is a small town but a really passionate one when it comes to football and when we talk about football it must be said that you need a stadium where you can play. The field that was selected at first was a small one and could hardly gather enough people who could cheer for the club. But it was the love for the game which brought fans in droves and some even waited outside the gates of the stadium to know about the result of the game. This was a sight of passion and love that is indescribable. It was sometimes said that you will not actually understand the feeling unless you were actually there. We also second this notion as this raw emotion must be experienced firsthand.


    How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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  • September 4, 2015
  • It must be said that to survive in this world you need to find ways to stay healthy. It means that you need to put your life in order and lead a healthy lifestyle. One can now see advertisements which urge the common public to take part in healthy lifestyle initiatives. It has been observed that people have started to take care of their health more seriously. The main reason behind it is that there are a lot of benefits such as elevated level of health and a fresher and more active mind. These are the things that have attracted people towards leading a more blissful and healthy lifestyle.

    Tips for leading a healthy lifestyle

    Be careful of your health: the first thing that you need to do is to ascertain your health level. This is a very basic albeit one of the most important steps towards a healthy life. This assessment is something that will tell you how healthy you are at the moment. This information in turn will enable you to be aware of your health status and from that you can decide which way you want to move forward. It is our recommendation that you should get yourself examined by a doctor and get an official assessment.

    The food you eat: if you are really into improving your life and leading a healthy lifestyle then you must know the food that you should eat and the ones that you should avoid. The catch here is maintaining a proper diet. One thing that you have to understand is that starving yourself will not make you healthy but on the contrary it will make you fall sick, remember anorexia. What you need for a proper diet is to have a balance of fibre rich food and protein intake. Always make sure that you avoid carbs after 8pm if possible. Include vegetables and one portion of protein in your dinner and lunch. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

    Stop the bad habits: it is true that many of us drink and smoke and do so even after knowing that it is harmful for us and people around us. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle then it is almost a precursor that you need to put an end to drinking and smoking. This is a strict suggestion which should be followed thoroughly as leading a healthy life by drinking and smoking is unheard off.


    Mind Blowing and Fun Football Facts

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  • It must be said that football is a funny game. You will watch some of the most outrageous and bizarre moves at times and it can also be the most passionate and loving game. It is a sport that can bring tears to your eyes or make you laugh out loud. This is game where one goal can decide whether a team wins or loses and it can also be a game where the final score can be 38-0. This is the weird and beautiful game that is known as football and here we bring to you some of the most mind blowing and fun football facts that you have never heard about before.

    The game of goals

    When the final match between SOE or Stade Olympique de L’emyrne and AS Adema of Madagascar was played to decide the title not many would have expected an outcome such as this. In this match SOE allowed their opposition to score 149 goals which can be described in one word and the word is bizarre. Let us tell you that you should not read into the score line much as this happened because ofa protest. The match was locked at 2-2 when the referee awarded Adema a penalty. This is something that did not go down well with SOE as they felt that they had been robbed. This is the reason we find ourselves today looking at this mind blowing fact.

    The Ivorian Solidarity

    We know the Ivorian Football team as the Elephants which is their nickname but a lot of people don’t know about the political turmoil the country had been through. The country that has produced players like Didier Drogba and Solomon Kalou had been divided into two parts for 5 long years. The south of the country is controlled by the Government while the north of the country is under rebel rule. During this time Drogba more famously known as the talisman for the English Club Chelsea expressed his desire for a friendly match in Bouake which falls in the north of the country. Not many people could believe that this would actually happen but it did. The Ivorian team beat the Madagascar side 5-0 but more importantly this game of football brought the whole country together. (more…)

    Best Light Foods for Different Athletes

  • James
  • November 22, 2017
  • Everyone has different dietary needs, depending on the sport they play and their overall physical activity. We’ve talked to our friends from all different areas of sport, and we’ve assembled a list of the best foods for every athlete, no matter what sport you play. Before you take everything we say as gospel, make sure you talk to your coach or trainer first. They know more about your performance than we do. But as a general rule, here are a few of the best meals for athletes of all stripes!

    The Footballer

    Here’s the one we know best. If you play football, you can’t afford to be sluggish or weighed down. The first thing you need to do is cut out the grease and fat from your diet. This is a good rule to observe overall, but this is doubly true for any running sport. You can get away with some fat in a powerlifting diet; not football. I recommend sushi, vegetables, fruits, and nuts for protein. Your cheat meals can be hamburgers or chicken… If you keep fit you can really eat what you want on your cheat days. Avoid as much red meat as you can; it’s not good for your blood pressure. If you’re concerned about blood pressure, invest in a good pulse oximeter.

    The Powerlifter

    This exercise discipline is where people start to disagree. There are however a few accepted guidelines for a powerlifting diet. First of all, forget everything you’ve learned about fat. It takes fat to make the correct amount of testosterone, so you need that extra fat. Don’t be afraid to dig into a delicious hamburger. Red meat is also a must for any powerlifting diet. You need all the protein you can get. Combine this diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats like fish and chicken breasts. One word of caution: you need to watch your blood pressure carefully. If you’re eating heavy foods and a good amount of fat, you need to keep a balance. Invest in a blood pressure cuff (aka a sphygmomanometer if you work in the medical field!) to track your circulatory health. You can find some good ones here.

    The Runner

    If your sport is running, there are two ways to eat. The one you pick depends on your running discipline: if you’re a distance runner, stay lean. If you’re a track runner for short distance (100m-800m), you need to keep MOSTLY lean with a bit of extra punch. Distance runners need to stick to a mostly rice/veggie/chicken-based diet when they’re training for a race. Extra weight will only slow you down. Make sure you get plenty of protein and calcium! Your bones come under a lot of stress during long-distance runs. If you run short distance, eat the same as the distance runner but add a few steaks in there as well. Mass can actually help you in the short distance run.

    12 Must-Try Sports Across the World Before You Die

  • James
  • November 16, 2017
  • The world never runs out of activities to enjoy throughout the entire year. You can find a wide range of activities to try during the summer and winter months. Check out some great sports that are worth trying at least once while enjoying summer holiday across the globe:

    1. Archery in Europe

    The Europe offers a lot of places to practice archery. Rentable bows and arrows are easily available across different countries.

    1. Basketball in Toronto, Canada

    Free access to multi-sports courts are available in Toronto. Here you can enjoy playing basketball with fellow vacationers and locals.

    1. Bowling in Los Angeles

    Get entertained with indoor activities on bad weather days. That’s something you will definitely enjoy with the company of your friends!

    1. Kayaking/canoeing in Southern America

    If you are in search for an exhilarating outdoor water sport, the Southern America lakes and rivers such as the Amazon river offer kayaking, canoeing, pedalo and stand up paddle-boarding. There are also boats for hire at affordable rates.

    1. Canyoning

    Another extreme water activity, canyoning will take you along the rapids and rivers as a natural water slides. The rugged, untamed river bed serves as a natural obstacle course.

    1. Cycling in Singapore

    A must-do while in the Singapore, cycling is a great summer activity for everyone to try. You can check out any of the 15 mapped cycling itineraries as well as mountain terrains.

    1. Tennis in Positano, Italy

    Located at the Il San Pietro di Positano is the 5-star hotel with a tennis court. This is available for rentals from June to September. You can choose from the club’s complete line of tennis rackets, tennis balls, and other tennis equipment. But if you want the best tennis rackets, you can check out for a comprehensive list of options.

    1. Frisbee in Morzine, France

    Be sure you bring Frisbee disc when embarking on a Morzine summer holiday. The Dereches forest offers a great open space for playing various Frisbee games.

    1. Golf at Cypress Point, USA

    With panoramic views at the background, the relatively technical golf course located in California is favorite summer pastime for vacationers. The golf club is equipped with great facilities and amenities that include electric buggies, equipment rent and coaching.

    1. Ice-skating in London

    The Somerset house offers an indoor ice skating rink that operates through the year. Enjoy some music and drinks while at the skating ring.

    1. Horse-riding in Africa, Botswana

    Explore the wide expanse of spectacular terrain offered by Botswana while saddled up. What better way to explore and discover wild Africa than by horse-riding.

    1. Running, walking or hiking in New Zealand

    Make sure you to bring with you a good pair of hiking shoes. Marked running and hiking trails along the scenic alpine mountains make the New Zealand a mecca for those who want to enjoy the sun and fresh air. You can go walking, running or hiking depending on your level of physicality.

    Building Better Balance

  • James
  • February 5, 2016
  • Balance is an important factor in many different sports. Finding a sense of balance and maintaining it while playing can be the difference between a scoring play and falling over and fumbling the ball in American football, soccer, basketball, baseball and even volleyball, just to name a handful of sports. Therefore, building better balance is a good way to improve at all of these sports. There are many exercises which are great for learning one’s center of balance, understanding how to manipulate it and teaching the body how to maintain it. But there are other ways to build better balance too.

    Motorcycles are all about balance – finding it and keeping it while you ride along to wherever it is you’re going. Learning how to ride a motorcycle is a lot like learning how to ride a bicycle, and both are a lot like learning how to dribble, pass and shoot in football: everything is about balance in all three of these settings. To be fair though, taking up motorcycling isn’t really practical for every football player looking to gain a competitive edge on the field. For one, the risk of injury is great, which is why a sturdy motorcycling helmet should be at the top of any list of accessories a rider needs.

    Second, motorcycles are just plain expensive. Like, 100 times more expensive than your average bicycle, or even more expensive than that if we’re talking about premium motorcycles. But there’s no denying that those who know how to ride a bike or motorcycle have a better understanding of their body, their sense of balance, and how to manipulate that to stay upright and moving in situations where other people would topple and take a fall. So, if you’re a football player looking to improve your field game, take up biking, Or motorcycling.

    It’s not like your ride of choice absolutely must have two wheels though. Skating is another way to better your balance and become more aware of the subtle movements and shifts needed to keep your balance while traveling at a high speed. Roller skating, inline skating, ice skating – the type of skating doesn’t really matter. Just like the bikes above, it’s more about the movement than the actual exercise or activity itself. Also, because skates are generally much cheaper than bikes or motorcycles, maybe this example should have been listed first. No matter.

    The point here is, improving your balance can and will improve your football game. There are many ways to improve your balance, and with so many options available it can be difficult to pin down any specific one which would work best. But that’s just it. You shouldn’t stick to any single exercise, since that would work the same muscle groups while ignoring the rest of your body. This is true for building a better sense of balance, just like it is for lifting weights and doing muscle training. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure there is some variety in the regimen you use to train yourself.

    Improved Hunting With a Rangefinder

  • James
  • January 11, 2016
  • Improved Hunting With a RangefinderHunting is deeply rooted in human nature as an inherited instinct. Boys loved being given guns as presents, and pretending that they were hunting wild animals in their garden was a game played out in imaginations everywhere. Hunting and fishing connect us with animals and nature. These days, however, it’s more sport, a bit of fun, rather than there being any necessity to feed your family.

    You can elect to play video games in which you hunt and kill animals and other humans. In these games, you can choose your weapon and the area or country of your hunt. Or, you can buy yourself a rifle or a bow and some arrows and go out into the wild to do some real life hunting.

    In the USA, there are some places that you can legally hunt, depending on the time of year. You can shoot buffalo, deer, ducks, turkeys and other wild birds. You can even hunt bears as well as just about any kind of vermin. In Africa, you can go on hunting safaris and shoot some different species of game. In Australia, you can shoot kangaroos before they completely overrun the country.

    Serious hunters dig deep both financially and technically to ensure they have the best equipment available so that their hunting can be successful. Rifles come with scopes for long range shooting but these days, the trend is towards owning a high-quality hunting rangefinder. The advantages of using this piece of equipment are many.

    There was a group of guys went out on a hunting and fishing weekend and a couple of them had rangefinders as well as their scopes while the other two just had scopes. The rangefinder was able to determine almost the exact distance to the animal which allowed them to make adjustments to the rifle sight. They used a small, compact model, so it was easy to carry and use as well as carrying the gun. When hunting an animal, their accuracy ensured them a clean, quick kill.

    If you’re doing some range shooting, especially competitive, the rangefinder will give you the accuracy you need to drill that bullseye, or close to, enough times for your classification to be lifted to sharpshooter. Being able to hold the rangefinder steady is necessary when needing a super accurate distance so you can choose a binocular style that serves as a two in one with a scoping ability and a distance finder.

    Rangefinders are a very useful tool to use in a game of golf if allowed. There are rules on just what type you can use and would be handier for the amateur rather than a professional who has a caddie that knows the exact yardages from anywhere on the course.

    On a more sombre note, hunting rangefinders are used by the military to train snipers who also use them during their deployment to wherever they are needed.

    Sewing Machines are now called Sergers

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  • January 10, 2016
  • Sewing Machines are now called SergersIt all started with a new pair of jeans. Why do they make the legs of trousers so long that you would need to be related to a giraffe to have the cuffs end up resting on top of your shoes? As it is, the amount of denim crumpled around the bottom of your leg looks like enough to make another pair of jeans.

    Trouser length and sizes also vary with the country you are in. Buying a pair of jeans or pants in China is an adventure in itself. Firstly, you have to work out what size they mean with the number written on the label. Chinese guys are, on average, skinnier and shorter than their western counterparts and the only way you’re going to get a proper fit around your waist and bum is by trying the trousers on. Secondly, you have the bargaining ritual to go through to negotiate a price, regardless of what amount is advertised on the rack.

    So, each country is different in the way they measure it seems. Once you buy the jeans, you then have to find a seamstress nearby that can take a few centimetres off the leg. These wonderful women are usually hidden away in the least travelled area of a shopping centre. The ones you know work from home, just around the corner from your own home. The latter ones are the cheaper to use and they usually know your mum.

    The lady that lives near me, Doris, must be about 70 years old and she has been making and altering clothes for as long as I can remember. When I dropped in on her with my newly purchased jeans, she was on her hands and knees looking underneath her ancient but still working Singer sewing machine. She knew how to curse. There was obviously a problem with the machine and Doris was none too happy.

    After the usual pleasantries and her having me try the jeans on so as to mark the correct length, she started telling me about the woes of owning an old machine for which it was impossible to get parts. I suggested she buy a new one to which she replied, sure, she would but where to start? I pulled out my trusty iPad and said why don’t we have a look and see what’s available in the line of sewing machines. Google directed me to Apparently sewing machines are now called sergers, a fact which elicited a grunt from Doris.

    Once I read out all the features, she started to get a little excited, telling me that owning one of these babies would save her an enormous amount of time and probably enable her to take on extra work and more intricate designs. She was a smart woman, our seamstress. We looked through the article and she wanted to know a bit more about the Brother model as it seemed to do the things she wanted. As a reward for my help, I got the legs of my jeans altered for free.

    The Thrill of Longboarding

  • James
  • January 9, 2016
  • The Thrill of LongboardingSome years ago, in the 1960’s, surfing became noticed as a fun way to play in the ocean and make use of those awesome waves. The boards at that time ranged from 9’6” to 12’ and are referred to now as ‘longboards’. As the popularity of surfing grew, the length of the boards diminished, and this had a lot to do with manoeuvrability while riding down the slope of a wave. You can make moves with a small, modern surfboard that you just cannot do with a longer board.

    Skateboards and skateboarding also became very popular, mainly with the younger generation and from this love of skateboarding were born some amazing people that seemed to be able to do almost anything on one of these ‘fun on wheels’ toys. As opposed to surfboards getting shorter, the skateboard grew in length as the demand for speed increased. Today’s longboarders can attain some unbelievable speeds that would be far too dangerous on the shorter boards.

    The technical requirements of a longboard are somewhat higher than those needed for the regular skateboard and if you want to know why then all the answers can be found here. Basically, the longboard is almost always used for downhill racing and that means safety gear is somewhat more essential when riding one. Standard attire for longboarders includes a safety helmet and gloves and if you want to avoid knee injuries then padding around that part of your body is a good idea.

    Some enthusiasts like to build their own boards and that means customising the decking and then finding the right stuff for the important part – speed.  Stability is pretty important too as it’s rather pointless to reach high speeds then having the board eject you at the slightest bump. The width of the truck should be almost the same width as the board. If the technical jargon is a little too much for you to worry about, then a website that reviews the best longboards is the way to go.

    If you got the impression earlier in this article that longboards are a recent innovation, that’s not entirely correct. They have been around for as long as surfing but when the skateboard hit the market, players liked the idea of performing tricks and stunts rather than merely speeding down a hill. The improvements in safety gear, trucks, wheels and bearings have all resulted in the longboard growing in popularity. The biggest problem is where can you go to enjoy your favourite sport?

    They say you can find anything on the internet these days, so finding a hill is as easy as typing in something like ‘Where can I longboard?’ and a website with hills in your area will be displayed. While skateboarding has been catered for with skateboard parks, the longboarder is looking for roads that go downhill, the steeper the gradient the better. Roads mean cars and traffic, but if you are a real thrill seeker then combining speed with the danger of cars getting in your way probably adds to the adrenalin rush.

    A Home Gym for Football Players

  • James
  • January 8, 2016
  • A Home Gym for Football PlayersThe members of the Sporting Club Saint Clar are very proud, not only of the club’s remarkable history but the way in which the community has embraced their objective of living a healthy lifestyle.

    The club has been going since 1955 and has a great record of football achievements even though it plays in the amateur ranks. Perhaps a reason for their on-field success can be connected to their off-field lifestyle. Not only players but many of the townsfolk, make extraordinary efforts to keep fit and are heavily involved in the club and all its activities.

    The players go to the local gym to maintain their physical strength and a few have put their resources together to consider setting up a garage gym. To be able to do this they spent some time looking at what was available in the gym equipment market. Watching the TV shopping – channel they saw advertisements and special deals on a whole range of gym equipment. There were treadmills, weight sets, exercise balls and ab-builders, but what interested them the most was a power rack. Basically, the ad was saying, you could set up a home gym, in the garage or spare room, with this piece of equipment.

    The only knowledge they really had about gym equipment was what they had experienced in their local gym and also at the club, where weight training and strength building formed part of their efforts to maintain fitness for their football games. Setting up a home gym had become a lot easier with the availability of power racks and this piece of equipment helped you with weight work such as squats and bench presses.

    It wasn’t long before their infectious enthusiasm saw them agreeing on a location, (that being someone’s home), and going about the business of purchasing a quality power rack and the weights they would need to do the appropriate exercises and circuits. Not only was this strategy going to help them maintain a level of fitness to, hopefully, help them play better football, but it also was saving them some significant money on gym memberships.

    In fairness to the owner of the home in which the gym was set up, they adopted certain rules about times that the gym could be used so as it didn’t interfere with the personal lives of the residents. Seeing that the set up of the gym was in the garage, it didn’t prove to be an insurmountable problem. It’s true that there is a social aspect to training together and the convivial atmosphere of a garage gym in a private home elevated their level of camaraderie.

    Some of the guys added to their equipment by buying WOD grips. These helped you grasp the weight bar without sweaty hands and made equipment handling far easier. The home gym became a social gathering place in some respects but the end goal of maintaining their fitness and strength levels to ensure the continued glory of the SCSC remained their ultimate focus.

    Playing Football at Night

  • James
  • December 31, 2015
  •  Football at NightSome of the most exciting sporting events happen at night. People have rallied all throughout the day, or been looking forward to something fun after work, and everyone comes together to see a great game after the sun has gone down. It happens all the time, all over the world, in many different sports. But do you know the one thing that all of these events have in common? They all need lighting for players and fans to actually see what’s going on during the game. Playing football at night is actually kind of dangerous unless there’s enough light to illuminate the field. Again, many sports are like this.

    This is just a basic safety concern too. It’s not like wearing specialized padding for games like hockey, or using other safety equipment which tends to vary from sport to sport. Every sport needs to be played in a well-lit area, and if there’s no sun overhead to make that happen then it’s imperative to do it by artificial means. There are a number of options which might be implemented to solve this problem. Different lighting setups come with different good and bad points about them too, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to consider them all.

    Sure, there are the big spotlights you might be used to seeing at high school football fields or other large fields where a lot of people are usually in attendance for games. These are expensive to run though, and they’re a pain to install too, usually requiring a lot of permits and skilled labor to set up properly. Shorter, standing lights are usually better than the kind of permanent spotlights some fields use. These portable lights could be the most efficient choice if they happen to use LEDs rather than standard bulbs too. You can learn more about LED systems at LED Lights Planet.

    Rather than using any standing lights at all, you might consider building some directly into the athletic field. Putting LED light bars intermittently along all sides of the field would light up the periphery pretty well and do a good job of brightening up the entire field. But there are still other options. You might also consider attaching lights to the players themselves, like by making them wear headbands with flashlights. This can actually make an interesting spectacle to watch if the rest of the field is in the dark.

    The bottom line is that players need to be able to see their surroundings if they want to play a game in relative safety, and viewers need to be able to see the game being played if they hope to be entertained. Everyone at a sporting event needs to be able to see, and if you happen to be playing or attending an event in the evening, that will be a real problem without some reliable, artificial light sources. If you’re looking to light up a field, make sure to research all of your available options rather than just buying into the first one that looks good.

    This year is ending festively and with a bang

  • James
  • December 30, 2015
  • This year is ending festively and with a bangWe took some delight in putting together an earlier post on how to prep yourself for a big game, listing novel ideas which you may not have thought about before. But since the year is quickly and dramatically drawing to a close, we thought that we’d close off with thoughts on festive celebrations, particularly when our teams have been winning consistently and our nation’s favorite football sons have been holding their own in tough leagues across Europe.

    Sadly, football is also enduring dark days. One of France’s (previously) greatest ambassadors of the beautiful game, former France captain, Michel Platini, has been suspended from soccer for up to eight years over allegations of being complicit in the ongoing FIFA scandals of bribery and corruption.

    Great ways to celebrate

    Another great son, Zinedine Zidane is enjoying coaching life at the imposing Santiago Bernabeu, home to ten times champions of Europe, Real Madrid. And while we are saddened at the news that young Kurt Zouma’s boss, Jose Mourinho, has been fired from managing the EPL champions, Chelsea, we are extremely pleased at the return to form of Arsenal’s mercurial goal poacher, Olivier Giroud.

    A great way to celebrate victories and achievements is through the playing of music with hundreds of supporters joining in. A gold-plated or brass trumpet is the ideal instrument for those who can play to take with to matches. Read more here about the intricacies of trumpets, from beginner’s horns to professional variations, to see what would be suitable for big match post celebrations. Of course, traditional noise makers may have a preference for drums and carnivalesque whistles like the fans over in Brazil have.

    And it’s also a matter of pride for us that we are able to match the voices of our neighbors from Germany, Spain and England.

    The giants of Europe and the three Musketeers

    We also think young Kurt and Olivier are going to have their hands full come February next year when their respective teams face off against Europe’s current football giants in the first knock-out stage of this season’s Champion’s League. To spur these boys on, you might want to take a good professional trumpet along with you if you are a Chelsea or Arsenal fan and have the privilege of securing tickets for those big ties.

    Chelsea, sad to say, might come unstuck this time around because they no longer have their master tactician hurling insults across the pitch. Let’s just say, the Special One will be missed, again. Most of us here won’t mind because young Zouma’s team must play Paris St Germain. But boy is Olivier and his teammates going to have a game!

    Monsieur Wenger may fancy their chances this time round, but for goodness’s sake, Arsenal must play against the champions of Europe, Barcelona FC and their mercurial three musketeers; Senors Suarez, Neymar Jnr and Messi. Ooh lala!

    Upper Body Health

  • James
  • Upper Body Health

    Although most people seem to think the legs are the only parts of the body being used when playing football, that’s just not the way human bodies function. Running, jumping, kicking, blocking and passing all require the person making the play to have a strong sense of balance, and that requires working the upper body counter to the lower body to put more energy into the kicks and prevent you from simply falling over when taking a shot. While it may not be as important as a strong set of legs that can keep running for hours, a strong upper body can help make a better football player.

    That’s not the problem. The problem here is figuring out what good exercises related to football might also be good for working out the upper body. The number is surprisingly small, plus the workouts are highly specialized and are only barely related to football. With that in mind, it kind of makes sense to look in places besides the football field for a good exercise here, and you don’t have to look very far to find it either. Have you ever gone kayaking before? There are very few exercises which put more work on the upper body than rowing a boat, canoe or kayak.

    Before getting into this, it’s important to be clear about something. Taking to the water isn’t the right exercise for everybody. Besides that, kayaks and their associated gear can get very expensive very quickly – just look at to see some examples with your own eyes. If you don’t have the money, or don’t want to invest it in this way, that’s fine; doing some pushups, pull-ups and benching has always worked before and it will always work in the future. But what fun is lifting weights compared to flying down fast-moving rapids in a tiny boat?

    Well, one of those activities is certainly the more entertaining of the two – the more expensive of the two, too. Compared to the rowing machines you can find in some high-end gyms and fitness centers though, a kayak or other small watercraft might actually be cheaper at the end of the day. A small watercraft is much easier to move around than a hefty rowing machine too, though some of the longer boats can be unwieldy for a single person. A kayak like this would be perfect for a single rider boating alone.

    But you don’t need any special hardware like boats, weights or machines to help you get fit either. If you really want to work your arms and you’re on a strict budget, all you need is something heavy to lift straight up over your head. A liter bottle of milk in each hand would be a good place to start if you haven’t done much lifting in the past. If you can lift more then go with more, but always check with your healthcare provider before starting up a new exercise regimen if you’re unsure about how it will affect your body. Better safe than sorry.